Love & Faith Fellowship
Pastor James Lee Jackson
Evangelist Jacqueline Jackson
8714 Scotland Ave.
Baton Rouge, La. 70807
Love & Faith Fellowship, a non-denominational ministry,(under-shepherded by the visionary Pastor James Jackson), was founded in July 2000. The purpose of this ministry is to see souls saved and lives changed for Jesus.  Love & Faith Fellowship is a hands on ministry that loves to get and be involved with the needs of others. A ministry that is based upon the God kind of Love and the God kind of Faith. We are a family of God that live and love to give of our time, talent and treasures.  We truly believe that you can give without loving, but you can't love without giving.  Our motto is " Taking care of one another and being helpers one to another as the bible teaches."

Pastor James "Butch" Jackson,
God's Preaching Machine:  A man of true faith, a strong loving husband and daddy of seven. Pastor Jackson is a man of God who is anointed in the prophetic and word of knowledge, and  motivated by the truth that God loves him.  He has a heart of compassion for helping people.  His heart of servitude and Labor of Love expecting nothing in return as he ministers in Word and deed to others, is a blessing from God.  His fiery no-nonsense inspired messages are met with excitement as he encourages us to B.Y.O.B (Bring Your Own Bible)Teaching only the true and uncompromising Word of God and taking God's word to the streets, he is an Evangelist at heart who has a passion for the lost souls of the world.  His motto is "Whatever You Do, Don't Do It, Don't Die Without JESUS!!!
First Lady/Evangelist Jacqueline "Jackie" Jackson, the beautiful God-fearing, Praying woman behind the Man of God.  A woman after God's own heart.  She loves and finds the good in everyone. She's a mother to many, both spiritually as well as naturally.  Jacqueline is a servant, an intercessor, and  very passionate about teaching God's people to pray the word effectively to get results. She's a strong prayer warrior who's heart is filled with love,compassion, praise and a willful desire to  evangelize.  Whether at homein the church or on the streetsEvangelist Jackie's desire is to pray and witness to everyone she meets.